Body-image campaigner Taryn Brumfitt, who directed Embrace, named 2023 Australian of the Year

An Adelaide woman whose struggle to accept her body has inspired millions of people worldwide is the 2023 Australian of the Year.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese awarded the honour to Taryn Brumfitt at a ceremony in Canberra tonight.

Earlier in the evening, Professor Tom Calma, who has spent decades improving the lives of Indigenous people, was named the 2023 Senior Australian of the Year.

Socceroo star Awer Mabil, who works to improve other refugees’ lives, was named the Young Australian of the Year.

And Amar Singh, a Western Sydney Sikh who feeds the needy and champions tolerance, was named Australian Local Hero.

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More thoughts from our readers on tonight’s winners

Taryn has helped me to love my body. What wonderful recognition for her great work! – Natasha

Congrats to all you were nominated and received, but I have to single out Uncle Tom Calma. You are such an inspiration to mob for all you do. Congratulations – Donna

What an inspiration and I hope it changes the views of many people in Australia and the rest of the world Love yourself and others for who they are and most importantly for who you are ❤️ – Andrea

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Brumfitt is a writer and film director whose 2016 documentary Embrace explored how she learned to love her body, and why so many women are unsatisfied with how they look.

The film has been shown in 190 countries and is streamed on Netflix.