After his plan failed, this is what a Syrian cook did to a British millionaire

A Syrian cook and his friend entered the home of an elderly millionaire and strangled her to death after their plan to extract her £4.6 million fortune failed, and after they failed to force her to give up her £1.3 million house.

They face life sentences after being convicted of murder in Britain.

In the details of the crime, the Syrian chef Qusai al-Jundi (25 years old), and his driver, who holds Romanian citizenship, Muhammad al-Aboud (28 years old), killed Louise Cam (71 years old), inside her home in north London on July 26, 2021.

According to the “Daily Mail”, the soldier and Abboud strangled the victim with a hair-dryer and hit her on the head before wrapping her body in garbage bags and placing it in the trash outside her house. The police found the body after 3 days.

After killing the millionaire, Qusay sent a message from her phone to tell her family that she was fine but had traveled to China.

luxury life

Qusai, who is married and has three children, deluded the victim that he lives a luxurious life with a number of girlfriends, but in reality he works in a kebab shop and lives with his parents.

He did this in an attempt to deceive her into obtaining a power of attorney for her property. While she was waiting for him to complete the sale of the house, and when she asked him about the money before any other procedure, he strangled her from behind by wrapping a bar of a hair dryer owned by Al-Aboud, who arrived in the Kingdom without a work visa only two months ago.

She was also hit on the head with a blunt object, before her body was wrapped in garbage bags and a quilt, and placed in the trash outside her home, where it was covered with garden waste.

The morning after Cam’s death, Qusay paid £60 to a group of laborers to get a truck and take the rubbish to his family’s home, in Harrow, northwest London.

Dancing to the tune of his crime

After the crime, Al-Aboud posted a video on TikTok of him dancing to music in the corridor of Mrs. Kam’s house.

According to the “Daily Mail”, the Syrian cook deceived a number of wealthy women, and stole two cars from one victim in her sixties, after he declared his love for her.

Qusai told Mrs. Kam, who is divorced and has a commercial building and a group of apartments near the restaurant where he works, that he loves her too, hoping that she will sign him on the power of attorney to manage her real estate properties.

Mrs. Cam wanted to sell the estate to give money to her children, and the soldier offered her £6 million, which was well above the market value.

She wasn’t his first victim

He told her that his girlfriend, Anna, supported him financially. In fact, Anna Reich was also a victim of Qusai, a customer in the restaurant where he works. She agreed to sell her car for £57,000, but he did not pay her for it.

Qusai sent her messages telling her: “I love you, I want you. Anna, there is no one in my heart. I love you because I want you, yes I need you, every time I need you.”

After a two-month trial, the jury convicted the two young men, who now face life sentences.