When the Bitcoin Price Crash, That’s a Great Opportunity to Become Rich

In the middle crash Bitcoin price, Robert Kiyosaki said that this became a great opportunity to become rich.

Popular book author Rich Dad, Poor Dad The group sees that great opportunities are not only available in the crypto market, but financial markets such as stocks, because this year, everything is going on fall down aka big discount.

Previously, Kiyosaki was the one who had advised his followers on Twitter to buy more gold, silver and Bitcoin for seeing recession will arrive.

Recession is expected to increase the value of assets safe havenso that independent BTC will also feel the impact positively.

Opportunity Behind Crash Bitcoin (BTC) Price

Based on reports U TodayKiyosaki believes that 2022 is a year of opportunity to get richer by investing in falling markets.

As he used to say, “rich dad” always got richer in times of crisis. That means, he sees that 2022 is a year of crisis.

Moment crash Bitcoin price, which keeps dropping lower, Kiyosaki always says he is buying, even if it drops to US$9,000 and US$6,000.

“The end is here, dealer my trusted gold and silver says that I can no longer buy gold and silver coins. The printer will no longer sell to me. To me, that means the end of the ‘false US dollar.’ Protect yourselves,” Kiyosaki said in a tweets.

He also reminded that the Fed’s interest rate hike is one of the causes of a recession in the future.

Russia’s BTC Adoption Is Getting Closer

On the other hand, the adoption of BTC for Russia’s foreign trade is getting closer after the relevant bill was approved by the Ministry of Finance and the country’s central bank.

The regulation will later allow the use of BTC and several major crypto assets as a means of payment for international transactions.

“The bill as a whole writes how cryptocurrency can be bought, what can be done with it and how cross-border settlements can or cannot be carried out,” said Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia, Alexei Moiseev.

Due to the sanctions imposed by the US and allies, Moscow finally looked to Bitcoin as a transaction tool. This is expected to be an additional positive sentiment for major cryptocurrencies.

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