Houshou Player Marine Mod Apk Download Latest Version 2022

Houshou Player Mod Apk – In this digital era, playing a game has become a very natural activity for smartphone users because this activity is very exciting to do.

There are lots of games with various themes that can be downloaded and played for free on the official app store on each of your phones.

Now many people are busy talking about a game called Houshou Player Mod Apk which has interesting features in it so that players are helped when playing using the modified version.

In this game, it provides gameplay that is very exciting to play, for those of you who like Japanese anime because there are many anime characters that are very cute and interesting.

This version is not available on the official application store because it does not meet the applicable requirements, therefore in this review we will provide a download link of that version to all of you for free.

So make sure you read the review on this occasion to the end, in addition to providing a download link, you will also provide a lot of information about the mod version of the game.

About Houshou Player Mod Apk

About Houshou Player Mod Apk

Houshou Player Mod Apk is another version of the game that has been modified from the original version so that in it there are many features that will not be found in the original version.

This modified version was developed by a third party, the purpose of this game modification is so that players can play more comfortably and helped because of the many interesting features in it.

This one game is very suitable to be played by those of you who like anime, this is because in this one game it uses a Vtuber character that can be selected and used when playing.

There are lots of Vtuber characters available, even interestingly, there are Vtubers from around the world, including from Indonesia.

Just like games in general, in this one game the developer has provided various interesting items that can be used by players.

You can use the items we mean to change the appearance of the character you choose so you won’t get bored when playing.

By using this modified version you can wear all the styles that are available for free, in the original version, players have to buy styles using the currency of this game.

This can happen because in the Houshou Player Mod Apk game, the Unlock All Style feature has been added by a third party.

In addition to these features, the developer has provided many other features that will automatically activate when you install the game into the phone you are using.

If you are interested in playing this modified version, you can access the link that we will provide in this review.

But before that, please look at some of the features of the game which you can find out in the following review.

Houshou Player Mod Apk Features

Houshou Player Mod Apk Features

It’s no secret that in a game that already has a lot of interesting features, in this one game you will also be spoiled with the features that have been added.

In this review we will tell you what are the features in this one game, please take a good look at the reviews below.

1. Unlimited Money

Like games in general, in this Houshou Player game there is digital currency that can be used to buy items in the shop section.

To help you when playing, the developer added the Unlimited Money feature to this modified version.

You can use the money you get from this feature to buy interesting items in the shop menu.

In the original version itself you will not get this one feature so you will be greatly helped by using this modified version.

2. Unlock All Items

The next feature is Unlock All Items, with this feature you can use all the items in the game for free without paying.

This is of course very profitable because you don’t need to use money to be able to have interesting items.

Please use this feature wisely, you can use the items you like to use on your character.

3. Unlock All Styles

Previously, we said that in this game, players can change the style of the selected character by using the clothes or styles available in the shop.

In the original version, players must first buy the style they want to use, but in this mod version, you don’t need to buy it first.

This is because all the styles in the game are automatically unlocked and can be used for free.

With all styles open, you can adjust the style of each character according to your own wishes.

4. No Ads

The appearance of advertisements when playing games is one of the things that is very annoying because it can lose focus.

However, if you play this modified version, you will no longer be bothered by ads that often appear suddenly.

The developer has removed all ads in the game so that you will be more comfortable when you play and will not be disturbed anymore.

5. Free

Although in this one game there are features that really spoil you, but this one game can be played and downloaded for free without the need to pay,

Besides being able to be downloaded for free, all the features in it can also be used for free so that you will feel more comfortable when you play this one game.

6. No Root

The last feature of this one game is No Root, when you want to install this game into your cellphone you don’t need to root.

This will keep the phone you are using safe and one of the proofs that this one game is safe to play.

Those are some of the interesting features in the Houshou Player Mod Apk game, the features above are one of the reasons why the game is in great demand by game lovers.

Download Houshou Player Mod Apk Simulator Unlimited Money

Download Houshou Player Mod Apk Simulator Unlimited Money

Because this modified version is not available in the Play Store or App Store, so we will share the download link for the game for you.

We will provide the download link for the game in the table below along with some information about the game.

Name Houshou Player Mod Apk
Version Latest
File Size 30 MB
OS Support Android 4.5+
Price Free
Download HERE

You can access the download link in the table above for free if you want to play the mod version of the Houshou Player game on the phone that you are currently using.

The specifications of the cellphone to be able to play this one game itself are Android 4.5 and above, please make sure that your cellphone meets these specifications.

How to Install Houshou Player Mod Apk

If you have completed the download process, then you must install the game into your cellphone so that it can be played.

But you can’t install this one game directly into your phone like games downloaded through the Play Store and other official app stores.

The process of installing the modified game must be done manually, therefore we have provided a method that you can follow below:

  • Please access the download link that we have provided
  • Then you download the file from the game
  • When finished, go to Settings >> Security and Privacy
  • Next, activate the Unknown Sources on that page
  • Then click Install on the file that you downloaded earlier
  • Wait for the game to be installed on the phone you are using
  • Done.

For those of you who don’t know how to install the modified game, you can follow each of the steps that we have provided

Make sure that you follow the method that we have prepared above properly and correctly so that the installation process can be completed as soon as possible.

The Strengths and Disadvantages of Houshou Player Mod Apk

Before you play the game, you must first consider some of the advantages and disadvantages that exist in the game.

Below we have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of the game, so please read carefully.


First we will share a list of advantages first, please see below:

  • Has many features
  • No need to root
  • Free
  • All items can be used for free
  • Graphics that are very pleasing to the eye


Then in this game it has several shortcomings in it that you should know, we have written some of these shortcomings below:

  • Illegal status
  • Manual Install Process
  • Not available on official app store

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Houshou Player Mod Apk game, although it has disadvantages but the advantages in it will certainly cover it.

Is Houshou Player Mod Apk Safe

When discussing the security of modified games like the game we are discussing, maybe many of you want to know.

Therefore, we will help you know this so that you don’t hesitate when you want to play this one game.

The developer of this one game itself has guaranteed security in it, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Although playing the modified version has some risks, for this game you will not get any risk when playing it.

This can be proven from the number of mobile phone users who play this game, in addition to being able to install the game you don’t need to root the cellphone you are using.

If you are still hesitant to play it, you can prove the security of the game by downloading and playing the game on your cellphone.

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