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Crisis Action Mod Apk is much sought after by FBS gamers. The reason is that Crisis Action: 6th Anniversary is one of the FBS games that is very interesting to play. Even now this Crisis Action Game is in great demand by gamers around the world.

You need to know that for the Crisis Action game, this is a legendary game that once had a boom. So you could say this game is the best and most popular FBS game of all time.

As we all know, there are currently a lot of Android-based game developers who make games with the FBS genre. One of them is HK Hero Entertainment Co, which is the developer of the Crisis Action: 6th Anniversary game.

With the emergence of Crisis Action, it will certainly be able to make the game world more developed as it is today. Especially for games with the FBS genre. Moreover, currently FBS games can be used on the android platform, so you will be able to play games anywhere.

More interestingly, you will play Crisis Action Mod which in it provides a lot of advanced features that will make it easier for you to play. In addition, these advanced features will not be found in the original version of Crisis Action.

If you are already interested in the Crisis Action Mod Apk, which we will discuss this time. In addition, we will discuss in full about this Crisis Action Mod Apk. We will also provide a download link for you. So for those who are interested are very obliged to follow our review to completion.

Overview of Crisis Action Mod Apk

Overview of Crisis Action Mod Apk

Crisis Action Mod Apk is a game that has been successfully re-modified by a third party. With the success of this game being modified, it provides a myriad of excellent features that will be able to spoil its users.

For Crisis Action Mod Apk, you can also say it is the first Android-based FBS game that can be played in multiplayer, whether it’s regular mode or death match mode. With controls that have been customized by the developer. Then you will be able to easily play it.

The gameplay presented by Crisis Action Mod Apk is almost similar to the Counter Strike game. There is even a similar map, namely de_dust. So the only thing that sets the two games apart is the missions provided.

In this one game before you fight to kill the enemy. Then later you have to choose a weapon first. At the beginning of the game you will use small machine guns, pistols and knives. But later you will be able to buy new weapons, if you have completed one round.

Interestingly, in this Crisis Action Mod Apk, unlimited ammo features are available. So you will never run out of ammo or bullets when using this modified version. Even in addition to these features, there are many other features that are no less interesting. So just take a look at the full features as follows.

Crisis Action Mod Apk Features

Crisis Action Mod Apk Features

In this Crisis Action Mod Apk game, you will be given several facilities in the form of excellent features embedded in the modified game. You could say the excellent features in this mod version are very rare. Because it’s only in Crisis Action Mod Apk.

Even if you are a newbie or new player. Then you will not feel the difficulty because of these superior features. Just take a look at the features in full below:

1. Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Ammo or unlimited bullets is the main feature in the Crisis Action Mod Apk game. Of course this feature will be very helpful, because indeed with the presence of these features you will never feel out of ammo.

With ammo you are unlimited or unlimited. So to kill the enemy is also certainly easier. Because you can shoot continuously without fear of running out of bullets.

2. Unlimited Diamonds

As we said that in this game there are a lot of weapons that you have to buy. But to buy weapons you must have enough diamonds. Moreover, the cool weapons in Crisis Action Mod Apk are quite expensive.

Now with the unlimited diamond feature that is present in this version. Then you will be able to have unlimited diamonds, so you will be able to buy various weapons easily in this version.

3. No Reload

In playing FBS games or shooting games, the thing that is often troublesome is reloading or reloading. The bad thing is that when we are fighting with the enemy, we are suddenly required to reload bullets.

But with you guys using Crisis Action Mod Apk. Then you don’t need to load bullets, because this mod version has a no reload feature that will allow you to load bullets automatically.

4. High Accuracy

You certainly know that in playing this game you must have high accuracy in order to kill enemies easily. But this skill is quite difficult to practice, although you can also need to practice for a long time.

This will not apply if you use Crisis Action Mod Apk. Because in this mod game you will be able to have high accuracy in terms of shooting automatically.

5. Higher Penetration

Besides you are required to have good accuracy. In Crisis Action Mod Apk you are also required to have high penetration. Because indeed by having high penetration you will be able to continuously win when fighting.

No need to worry if you don’t have penetration skills. Because in the modified version of Crisis Action, you will be able to get high penetration automatically.

6. No Ads

The sixth feature available in the modified version of Crisis Action is without ads. Ads are indeed the main factor that makes users feel uncomfortable playing games, because they are often annoying.

So we are sure that you will be very comfortable playing Crisis Action Mod. Because you will never be bothered by a single ad in this game.

7. Anti Banned

The thing that users are very worried about when using a modified version of the game like this Crisis Action Mod is getting banned. Because playing modified games will always be haunted by a permanent ban from the official developer.

But to play this one game you don’t need to worry. Because even though it is a modified game, this Crisis Action Mod Apk provides an anti-ban feature. So the security of this game can be said to be good.

For the features available in the Crisis Action Mod Apk game, that’s all. We think that with this feature you will be very spoiled in playing Crisis Action.

Download the Latest Crisis Action Mod Apk 2022

Download the Latest Crisis Action Mod Apk 2022

Those of you who are reading our article this time of course are curious about the Crisis Action Mod Apk. What’s more, you have already listened to the features in the game.

If you are curious and want to immediately download the Crisis Action Mod Menu Latest Version 2022. So please download it directly via the link below. But before that, take a good look at the full specifications of the game.

App Name Crisis Action Mod Apk
Version v4.0.3
File Size 153 MB
Recommended OS Android 4.0.3 UP
Download Link HERE

From the information we see in the table above, this Crisis Action Mod has a fairly large size and requires a fairly high android version. So before you download this game, then you have to prepare everything first.

How to Install Crisis Action Mod Apk

How to Install Crisis Action Mod Apk

For the sake of security in installing this modified game. Then you have to do the installation manually. In this manual installation, you must activate the Unknown Sources menu in the phone settings.

But sometimes there are still many users who do not know how to activate it. Therefore, below we have prepared a complete installation method so that you can easily install Crisis Action Mod Apk.

  • First of all, please download and make sure the download process is complete.
  • After that, just save the apk file for the Crisis Action game.
  • Next, please just activate Unknown Sources or Unknown Sources in the exact settings in the Security menu.
  • If you have successfully activated it, then you just need to do the installation by clicking the file.
  • Then you just need to wait until the installation process is really complete and successful.
  • Done.

To be able to directly play the Crisis Action Mod game, then you must immediately install the game file with the tutorial that the admin has provided above.

How to Use Crisis Action Mod Apk

How to Use Crisis Action Mod Apk

If the installation process has been successful, you can do it. Then you just need to use this modified game and get interesting things with the excellent features in Crisis Action.

But if you are confused about using this game, because it is a modification. Then you can just follow the guide in playing it below.

  1. Your first step is to just open the Crisis Action that you installed earlier.
  2. After that, please log in with your Facebook or Gmail account, so we can quickly suggest that you just use a Facebook account.
  3. Then you will be immediately taken to the main page of the game.
  4. On the main page you will find weapons, but if you play for the first time, please just do a match to try this game.
  5. Then you just have to follow the next instructions from the game, we are sure to be able to play this game you don’t need to take a long time.
  6. Happy Trying.

Is Crisis Action Mod Apk Safe to Use?

For now, Crisis Action Mod Apk is still very safe to use. What’s more, there is an anti-ban feature that will make the security of this game very safe.

But even so, you have to be careful, because no matter how sophisticated the security in this mod game is, it is still illegal. So that the official developer will certainly not be silent, because the game is being remade by a third party.

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